Sales Management Automation

Cloud-Based Web Application for Sales Management and Facilitating Sales Agents in Achieving Targets.

Sales Management Automation App

The sales agents are organized hierarchically, from sales agents, regional managers, to directors. They can set sales objectives for themselves and their clients and can also conclude sales contracts.

The application provides sales forecasts and historical statistics that can help sales agents make informed decisions and propose new contractual terms.

All sales objectives are tracked, and users are informed about the progress. Sales agents can see at all times if they have achieved their targets, how much they need to fulfill them, and other relevant information.

Each agreement/lead with a client operates based on complex criteria/formulas that can be set individually for each client.

The application also imports information from the company’s ERP software, which is then processed (using complex mathematical formulas) to display it to users in a user-friendly format, so it can be used most efficiently in negotiations with clients and for other purposes, such as improving/optimizing the company’s workflow and achieving the best possible results.


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